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MHLI is proud to join with our strategic partners Professional Housing Management Association (PHMA), the Institute of Real Estate Managers (IREM) and the National Apartment Association (NAA) to present the first Certification program specifically intended for persons involved in the privatization of military housing. This is a Level One offering and is intended to cover the privatization process from concept to pre-transition. The intent is to prepare the management level personnel for not only the requirements of the privatization process but to recognize challenges to the management process in the traditional housing office. This course will cover the Congressional legislation applicable to privatization, the Department of Defense guidance, a comparison of the various Services’ programs, ethical considerations, private sector maintenance, financial and human resource practices as compared to current Service practices. Also discussed are the traditional management roles of communicating and directing work flow, team building considerations and change management in order to better prepare the management personnel to successfully transition from a traditional housing operation to a privatized operation.

NEW! DoD & Service Housing Organization & Culture (DSHOC)
For the “newbie” or as a comprehensive refresher to “old timers”, this course presents an overview and history of Housing, while introducing privatization in DoD and the selected Service. It describes federal and private sector staffs and their roles in serving military customers, with an in-depth review of the selected Housing Service Office (HSO) and the traditions and culture of the military members they serve.

NEW! Certified Community Housing Inspector (CCHI)
Surrounded by electronic communications, social media, and digital marketing, our military housing customers find themselves pushed to PCS quickly and report for duty expeditiously. Military members and their families want safe, adequate housing when they PCS and they rely on Military Housing Offices (MHOs) to fulfill their needs. When assisting our customers, this course focuses on the inspection techniques MHO staffs need, how to apply them, and the tools needed, so as to ease the minds of military members during and after their moves.

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History of Privatization
This History of Privatization module will cover several items starting with various housing privatization efforts that have been undertaken since the end of WWII. The focus will be on where we are today with the current privatization program, known as the Military Housing Privatization Initiative or MHPI, as authorized by Congress in the 1996 National Defense Authorization Act.

Ethics for Privatization Managers
The Ethics for Privatization Managers module will provide students with the opportunity to study the ethical codes in place for both Federal employees and Real Estate professionals who subscribe to the IREM Code of Ethics. The focus will be on the provisions and requirements of each, how they relate to each other and the major differences between the two codes. Through the use of case studies and exercises the students will learn how to apply the principles of each.

Occupancy Management
Maintaining a successful property is the linchpin for a real estate manager. The module will take the student through the various responsibilities of the manager from building the good relationships necessary to attract and retain residents, collection of funds to ensure the income stream, ensuring a safe and habitable property and performing those legal requirements necessary to protect both the project and the resident. Emphasis is places on current private sector practices that may differ from traditional Military Housing procedures.

Management & Supervision
The NAA Management and Supervision module details the legal responsibilities of a private sector manager involved in any housing enterprise to include housing privatization. While many of the procedures used in traditional Military housing remain the same under privatization there are many unique differences that this module will cover. Emphasis is placed on understanding the legal requirements of employment, safety and health.

Financial Management
Maintaining a strong income stream is one of the two prime functions of a property manager. The NAA Financial Management module takes the student through the basic financial documents and procedures needed to ensure all funding is properly accounted for and utilized in the best interest of the project. As the Government is charged with the oversight of privatization projects an understanding of these practices is essential in order to successfully carry out this responsibility.

Maintenance Management
The NAA Maintenance Management module covers all aspects of maintenance as it applies to both a private sector property management situation and a housing privatization project. As one of the largest expenses in any project concerns maintenance requirements an understanding of the different maintenance elements and ways to improve your program is essential to improve overall project stability. While most maintenance practices are similar between the private sector and traditional housing some differences exist and these are explained to the student.

Safety & Risk Management (COMBINED)
Safety First is an expression often heard. It is also something that must be done on any housing project. The NAA Safety module outlines the manager's responsibilities in regards to creating a safe work and living environment. Certain standards have been set by government agencies concerning not only overall safety but the care and use of products typically used by maintenance and other personnel. A thorough understanding of potential hazards and unsafe practices is necessary to effectively perform both the management and oversight responsibilities.
All of us face uncertainty. The NAA Risk Management module outlines the procedures that the community manager should take to protect the community's assets and residents. Risk that is not managed can adversely affect not only the residents and the assets but also the financial viability of the project. Prudent management requires implementation of sound practices and pre-planning in order to safeguard the overall project.

Team Building
While a partnership Implies a legal association, in order for one to succeed and prosper a mutually beneficial spirit of working together needs to be present. As privatization was and is a unique undertaking teams have often been created in order to accomplish this partnership. Teams don't happen overnight and various conditions need to be met in order to have a successful team that can accomplish it's purpose. This module will take the student through the steps to successful team building outlining the conditions necessary for correct implementation.

Portfolio & Asset Management
Portfolio & Asset Management (PAM) is the process that the Department of Defense utilizes to fulfill their legal requirement to provide oversight to privatization projects. As Congress has mandated that this responsibility is an inherent responsibility of Federal employees, those employees must understand the requirements of this system. Private sector employees who are involved in privatization must have an understanding of the rules and responsibilities of their counterparts. All individuals involved in privatization have a role to play in this process which this module helps to explain.

Fair Housing
This Fair Housing module presents the reasons for the series of laws that have been enacted to create a fair and level playing field for all prospective and current residents. Students will be informed of the legal requirements, what must be done to ensure compliance and shown examples of how violations of Fair Housing laws are investigated and processed. As most facets of Fair Housing were not applicable to traditional military housing operations, those now involved in privatization projects must understand the differences between what we might have once done and what now we must do. For those involved in private sector housing management this module provides a good refresher of required knowledge.

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